Finance is an area that focuses on the production and the use of economic information for existing and potential investors such that they can use the information for economic decision-making. It is also concerned with providing economic information for the internal economic decision-making that is performed within the company. This area therefore provides the participants with the language of business, i.e., the lingo and the analytical tools such that they are equipped to answer questions such as e.g., what is the value of the company, or which strategy will increase the company’s value mostly, or how profitable is my company?


Financial Management persons

Katerina HellströmArea Principal Accounting and Finance, Associate Academic Dean, SSE Russia

Katerina Hellstrom
Assistant Professor of Accounting at the Stockholm School of Economics (Sweden) since 2010.


Professional Experience:

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting, SSE, Sweden
  • Junior lecturer, Department of Business Administration, Uppsala University, Sweden
  • Teacher, Department of Accounting, SSE, Sweden

Areas of competence:

  • Financial Reporting, Financial Analysis, Equity Valuation


  • PhD in Business Administration, SSE, Sweden
  • MSc in Business Administration, SSE, Sweden
  • BSc in Linguistics, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic


Katerina Hellström is lecturer and area principal for accounting and finance at SSE Russia. Her areas of expertise include financial reporting, financial analysis and equity valuation. She lectures also corporate finance and management accounting.

Katerina is assistant professor at Stockholm School of Economics since 2010 and lectured previously at Uppsala University as well as Stockholm University (Sweden). She teaches financial accounting and analysis at SSE Riga, Latvia. In her teaching, she covers bachelor, master, executive MBA and corporate programs (among others Russian Railways, Management Program for the Health Care Sector).

Katerina holds a PhD in Business Administration from the Stockholm School of Economics. She has been recently appointed Program Director of Master in General Management at SSE. Katerina is a graduate of International Teachers´ Program.

The areas of Katerina´s research interest are accounting quality, disclosure quality, capital markets, financial and non-financial measures of performance.

Jiri Novak Assistant Professor of Finance and Accounting

Jiri Novak
Assistant Professor of Finance and Accounting, Charles University in Prague, Deloitte Corporate Chair


Professional experience:

  • Assistant Professor of Finance and Accounting, Charles University in Prague,Deloitte Corporate Chair
  • European Accounting Association Workshop on Publishing in InternationalAccounting Journals, Invited Speaker


  • Ph.D. Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden  Thesis: “On the importance of accounting information for stock market efficiency”
  • M.Sc. Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden  Thesis: “Tacit finance – investigating the impact of tacit knowledge on finance”
  • University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic major: finance and accounting

Area of competence:

    Financial Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Company Valuation, Corporate Finance/Financial Management, Financial Markets


Jiri is an Assistant Professor at Charles University in Prague and the Deloitte Corporate Chair in Company Valuation. He is the head of the Department of Finance and Capital Markets.

Jiri defended his Ph.D. Thesis “On the Importance of Accounting Information for Stock Market Efficiency” at Uppsala University in March 2008. Jiri’s area of research interest is in empirical capital market based accounting research. Jiri analyzes the relevance of the structure of accounting information for stock market efficiency and investigates whether the adoption of new international accounting standards (IFRS) is informative about the value of companies.

Jiri currently teaches courses in Financial Management, Financial Accounting and Company Valuation and he is also responsible for supervising Master’s Theses in financial accounting, corporate finance, company valuation and financial markets.

Jiri enjoys world music and modern theatre. In his spare time he likes to play badminton and to swim.

Vladimir Platonov Professor of Finance and Accounting

Vladimir Platonov
Professor at St. Petersburg State Economic University (former Finec) since 2004, director of the university’s Center for Research in the Economics of the Firm and Organizational Innovation


In the Stockholm School of Economics he has been teaching since 2003. Prof. Platonov currently teaches courses in accounting, corporate finance, intellectual capital valuation and management, as well as advanced course for research in the economics of the firm for Ph.D. students. His current research interests concerned with studying the cognitive perspective of the financial and innovation management. Prof. Platonov graduated from the Leningrad State University with summa cum laude in 1990, studied in Iowa State University. He earned his first Ph.D. in 1993 and the highest Russian doctoral degree in economics and management studies in 1999. He has been teaching and doing research work in Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland) and Compiegne University of Technology (France). Prof. Platonov was named as the teacher of the year for Finec by students in 2004. He worked as research director for the Russian Center for Monitoring, Analysis and Forecasting in 2002-2003, for KPMG Barents L.L.C. in 1996-1999 and was founding partner in St. Petersburg small consultancy firm in 1991-1995. Prof. Platonov published more than one hundred research papers and monographs including 22 in refereed journals and edited volumes as well as 11 books and textbooks. He has participated in numerous research projects funded by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, the Russian Foundation for Humanitarian Research, the Russian Ministry for Science and Education, Academy of Finland, Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovations (TEKES) and others.

Olga Udovichenko Teacher, Finance and Accounting

Olga Udovichenko
Associate Professor, Department of Finance and Accounting, Ph.D in Economics, St. Petersburg State University, M.Sc. in Radiophysics, Leningrad Politechnical Institute


Has an MBA degree in Fuqua Business School, Duke University (USA).

Interests: Cost Accounting; Intangible Assets; Internal Auditing and Control.

Olga has a Certificate of honor of the Ministry for education and science of Russian Federation. Personal research grant of the Open society Institute for “MBA for non?profit organizations” program curriculum development.

Olga was a Member of Academic council of Graduate school of management, SPbSU in 2007?2010. Visiting faculty at Executive MBA programs of Moscow school of management “Skolkovo” and Stockholm school of Economics in St. Petersburg.

Worked as a Head of several consulting and corporate training projects in the area of financial and management accounting, budgeting, local consultant of the World Bank projects «Water and Sewer Sector Study», 1995–1996, Center City Rehabilitation, 1997.

Run Consulting and education projects for the companies: FGUP “Pulkovo Airport” (SPb), “Western Speed Diameter” (SPb), “Klimov” (SPb), Eurosib (SPb), Marvel (SPb, Novosibirsk), Ilim Pulp Enterprise (SPb).


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