Alexey Geletskiy, participant of GMR8 group

Alexey Geletskiy
commercial director of the JSC Saint-Petersburg Telecom branch in Pskov

The choice of an educational institution for studying all aspects of management must be serious.

You can choose whatever you want among so many existing schools that offer MBA courses: you can study at home or you can do practically nothing and only take tests, and many other things. But still there are not so many schools on the territory of Russia, which can provide the highest level of quality of full-time education recognized in the world. The choice was made quickly and it was the Stockholm School of Economics.

From the first module it became clear that it will require intense studying, there will be a lot of information, but the result will be appropriate. It is significant that the knowledge is not limited to the Russian reality, but it comprises all major international practices, which is extremely important in this era of globalization.

The main advantage of the modular program is an opportunity not only to obtain the required knowledge, but also to meet new interesting people, make friends and, of course, join the community of students and alumni who are always ready to help with practically all issues. A part of the program is over, but the excitement of moving forward has not been lost, because we are looking forward to many interesting modules and events!

Oleg Kovalev, participant of GM17 group

Oleg Kovalev
chief marketing officer, RusHOLTS

My choice of the Stockholm School of Economics was based on numerous recommendations of my friends and business partners. And I have never regretted my choice.

The form and content of the modules encourage you to be immersed in the process so comprehensively that you master a great amount of information in a very short time. This is a great advantage of the School for busy people who value their time.

The School faculty – they are not just theoreticians, they are also successful people from business who actively involve students in an interesting and useful interaction.

The knowledge and skills obtained in the Stockholm School of Economics are the essence of the world's best practices. Thanks to this characteristic feature, I already began to apply the gained knowledge successfully after the first module. This knowledge, to a certain extent, opened my eyes and allowed looking at the company, business processes and staff from a new point of view, out of the box. It will help to adjust the business model quickly and efficiently and achieve positive results in a short time.

Nikolay Naumov, participant of GMR8

Nikolay Naumov
managing director CJSC «Energoprom»

Not first, but always similar impressions! The fourth module of studying EMBA program of the Stockholm School of Economics has been finished, and it’s time to go home and I do not want!

It was interesting again and fun to study, to remember, try to learn on examples. There was something familiar from everyday work, there was something completely new, even for those who are professionally engaged in separate issues. But all , what I have learned, add a systematization, and begin to create the necessary structural and meaningful view on business processes of the surrounding business environment, there are new opportunities for development.

Yes, and a little bit about the development! SSE helps, but somewhere, it makes not only to pay attention to the development and evaluation of the business, but pays much attention to the development of your own! The mere preparation of a personal development contract forced to think seriously about serious issues of his own life planning.

A separate, and perhaps most importantly - thanks to all the staff of the school for the formation of an incredible group of participants. Only to discover, and then continually meet with all these people, it was necessary to go to the program! As much as my fellow mates (and now also my friends) give me, you can hardly get anywhere else!

Valentin Bogdanov, participant of GMR8

Nikolay Naumov
deputy general director of production JSC «UTSSB»

SSE captivates both its history - it is the oldest and the most experienced business school, teaching EMBA programs, and its new look to the future - it inculcates innovative and modern business tools.