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November 10, a speech of Kjell Nordstrom, co-author of sensational book "Funky Business" took place for graduates of Stockholm Scholl of Economics in Moscow behind the closed doors. The famous business speaker and international consultant for corporate strategies is in the top five of the European rating of professionals in the field of management and is an honorable professor of the school.
The meeting was opened by the greeting speech of Dean of Stockholm School of Economics in Russia Anders Liljenberg who invited Anna Izmailova, head of marketing and communications of the school to speak. Anna said solemnly, "We already have 1,000 MBA graduates in Russia whereas there are 15,000 graduates in 100 years of existence of the school in Stockholm. This is a reason for pride."
Irina Ryazanova, executive director and co-founder of charity fund Bolshaya Peremena that existed for 14 years spoke after her. The fund was created by a group of pedagogues for children from orphanages to help them to realize their potential and to start living a full life through an individual approach. Irina reported, "Our pedagogues help children to get adapted to realities of life, to graduate from general education institutions and technical schools, to receive professions, to get integrated into society and to create families."
The main guest of the afternoon Kjell Nordstrom occupied the stage afterwards and dedicated the foreword of his lecture to analysis of the statements that in the last 50 years the human brand was a kind of constant and technologies grew 3,000 times more powerful during this period. He summed up, "No wonder that a human feels very uncomfortable in such conditions."
His next statement was dedicated to the capitalist system that united all countries of the world except for one. The speaker said, "Of 219 countries in the world 218 follow the market system of relations and only North Korea uses Juche ideas. Thus, economies of all countries obey the same understandable laws." He drew a comparison clear to everyone present, "This is as if to speak the same language, for instance, English with everyone. You come to another country and start speaking English and everyone will understand you."
The speaker also did not evade a noticeable trend of rabid urbanization characteristic of the present time. Kjell presumed, "In order to make a round sum, we will say that the 200 countries that exist now will turn into 600 important cites soon." According to him, by 2045 80-85% of the population of the Earth will live in 600 very powerful cities that account for 90-95% of the economic activity and only 2% of the territory of the globe.
The corporate world will follow this global phenomenon transforming the multinational corporations into multiurban corporations.
The speaker summed up, "Already now we see such examples in our realities. This is London that has concentrated one-third of the economy of the UK and demands economic freedom. Cities will start forming their way and determining their fate independently."
The next trend is digitalization. Two aspects were mentioned in this context: first, everything that can be digitalized will be digitalized; second, everything will acquire a smaller size until it turns into "smart dust."
In his lecture Kjell also spoke about several important aspects on which understanding of reality was based now:
A need to work together and in collaboration because the volume of knowledge and information grows twofold every two years.
"Monopoly of knowledge is destroyed by technology." Higher education will be absolutely necessary but insufficient to get a decent job. Tacit knowledge will be the only advantage of a human being over robots and technology because it is difficult to copy it.
Every human activity can and will be organized in a different way due to high transaction costs. Uber and Airbnb are following this way.
At the end of the speech the speaker answered some questions from the hall and also reported good news to the fans of his epistolary business genre about publication of a new book in 2018 that would be issued with another author and had a working name of " F*ck technology."

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