Now you can subscribe to all the books in the Stockholm School of Economics series

Now you can subscribe to all the books available in the Stockholm School of Economics series! Our publishing partner,"Mann, Ivanov and Ferber", has announced the availability of subscription for books from the SSE series for 2008. 

A subscription will enable you to track of all our publications – old favorites as well as forthcoming volumes. Subscription is easy you won’t need to go to the book store – "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber" will deliver the books to your home or office, via mail or courier. Delivery is free of charge. It is also possible to give subscription as a present - give a book or two to your boss, colleagues and friends. All you need to do is buy a present card from the publishing house’s site 

The price of subscription is 5,000 rubles for six books from the SSE series. There is a present waiting for everyone who subscribes before December 31, 2007 – a book from "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber" series “War for Talent”! 

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Forthcoming Books
Лидерство через конфликт
Tomorrow People: Future Consumers and How to Read Them
By Martin Raymond 

About the book
We are always late. At the time, when we launch our new marketing campaign, it's already out of date. It happens because while we were working on it prefernces of our customers already changed. One of the most difficult question that top management faces today – how can one determine, what your customers will need tomorrow? 
Customers trends analysis will help us to take a view into the future. In his book, Martin Raymond gives a methodic to analyse the tendencies, needs and moods of your customers and how to adapt your brand to these changing conditions. 
Recommended for top management, marketing and strategy directors, MBA students and masters. 
About the author
Martin Raymond edits Viewpoint magazine (specialized magazine on trends in design and advertising). He is a regular contributor on trends and business to the BBC, and co-founder of The Future Laboratory. A Fellow at Nottingham Trent University, he maintains a busy schedule of lecturing at over 12 colleges and universities throughout Great Britain and Ireland. Martin also consults top advertising companies an questions of trends. Martin performs on many conferences, writes several columns in magazines and works with a few radiostations. 

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