Letter from the Dean


Dear Friends!

Ever since the inception of our school some twenty years ago we have been entertaining an aspiration of truly meaning something for the individual and society outside of the immediate realms of the classroom wherein improved business practices are discussed. Those ideas are today nicely grasped by how we phrase our raison d’être (our mission), our aspirations overall (our vision) and what we believe is important at some depth (our values).

We believe in the potential of the individual and what is meaningful to her and to society at large as seen through the sound working-out of institutions such as the power of mutually enriching cultures and diversities. At times we then need to challenge the ‘established’ since herein lie opportunities not within reach at first sight. This striving of an eloquent (business) professional, we believe, must further on be anchored in the ‘taking of others into account’ (much like Max Weber taught us a century ago) as seen in gradually evolving mutual trust pillared by a sense of respect to one another. Much of this is encapsulated in the role of transparency which on the one hand ignites our aiming for excellence and on the other emphasizes how very aptly this aiming goes together with being humble, much in line with some of the roots of the Scandinavian school of management. And this characterizes at some depth the whole of Stockholm School of Economics ever since it was founded back in 1909.

That is to say, we nurture a strong belief in the essence of academic skills and the safeguarding hereof within executive programs. But we are convinced that the true value of the take-aways from joining our school lies elsewhere, in the DNA of ours that you only experience in our class rooms and our alumni communities.

Another way to phrase this is to see the importance of being educated since this will be truly instrumental for your own sustainable judicious business success (and yes, with my own business background I know exactly what I’m talking about). Hereby is meant the overall ability to transgress one’s own borders of reference and practice by means of the reflective mind fueled by what others have come forward with in relevant areas.

There is furthermore plenty of reason to argue that the above kind of reasoning is more relevant today than ever before, in a global society where superficiality, fake news, alternative truths and similar bring alive what Turgenev once coined as (dead-end) nihilism. Instead the rendering alive of what humanities represent in terms of truly creative critical thinking seems called for.

In our twenty-year history we have managed to accumulate a particular kind of experience of how Western faculty at its very best is able to properly shoulder the challenges facing you as a business executive in the vibrant Russian market. And we do so from a Swedish angle, allowing us a deep understanding of Russian culture and market climates that others are not in the possession of.

You have now been spending your time in digesting the contents of this SSE Russia web site. It is my sincere hope and conviction that the preceding web pages assist you in making an informed choice, concerning maybe joining an Executive MBA program at SSE Russia, an experience likely to change your career and maybe also your life. Thanks a lot for considering the Stockholm School of Economics Russia – I look forward to welcoming you as yet another successful member of our community.

Dobro pozhalovat,

Dr Anders Liljenberg
Dean SSE Russia
Associate professor Stockholm School of Economics