RZD Corporate Program

RZD Program.. Actually, the official name of the program is Corporate Educational Program for „RZD” Holding in module format Executive MBA of the Stockholm School of Economics for 20ХХ/20ХХ. In 2008 when it started, I was one of the main participants in the negotiating process and I had some doubts about the program being realized. However, it happened. And the program has been successfully going for the last 7 years. Why did I doubt? The reason was that RZD representatives wanted SSE to run the program but in a way they wanted it to be. Why the program finally was launched and now has a long-term history and such a success among the participants? My answer is that because RZD representatives understood that there were only two ways — either to have the program as they wanted it to look like but without SSE, or with the School but then they had to confide in our experience. I admire RZD management team! Not only they managed to change their vision but supported actively educational process in both executive and motivational ways. Think about the worth of the Company President appearance at the opening ceremony of the new program, at diploma delivery ceremony, examination or guest lecture! And it happens from year to year, at each program.

Now we have 230 alumnus and 6 programs behind.. Those who participated in the programs now suggest their subordinates as the students. I am happy to be the Program Director for RZD program as now I have friends at any corner of Russia, because RZD is everywhere!

Igor Dukeov,
Program Director

Seventh academic year of the corporate educational program of RZD in modular format Executive MBA is opened in 2014. Please find the link for the details.

Our long-term corporate partner sent us the thank-you letter. We are proud and hope for the further cooperation!

Igor Dukeov, RZD Program Director
Igor Dukeov, RZD Program Director
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